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Product Design & Visualisation

I make the road from an idea or a CAD data to photo-realistic images  short, and take product visualization to a whole new level.

Hi, my name is Mikael!
I'm an Industrial designer & 3D rendering specialist

I'm Canada based freelance  industrial designer working in the field of digital prototyping, where I deliver a stunning visual content. 

With multiple years of experience, the quality of my work is of the highest standards worldwide when it comes to generating  CAD geometry and 3D visualization.

I create high-end visuals to suit any of your needs throughout every stage of your design-to-market process.

I bring Ideas to Reality

Throughout the design process, from initial concept, to design iteration and finally to store's shelves. Whenever you have seen top products, you have seen a rendering work.
I make the road from an idea or a CAD data to photo-realistic images  short, and take product visualization to a whole new level.

I Communicate your Ideas

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I don’t simply aim to develop and communicate designs. I create stunning visuals to elevate your client's impression of your product.

No need to rent a studio, install lighting, hire a stylist.  I have all you need right here. Give me a few days and I will create a lifelike image of your product.

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3D rendering services are used in every industry to create powerful visuals that communicate

endless possibilities.

In every  industry or field we give you the flexibility to have visuals for anything you can imagine.


In every industry

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Details & Photorealism

If it is detail and photorealism you need, I got you covered.
I offer a high precision simulation of any custom material you can imagine: metal, leather, cloth, wood, plastics and much more. You just name it.

With the ability to control material appearance, set environment lighting and create countless variations, I provide a level of unmatched realism while allowing you the flexibility of boundless visuals of any product imaginable.

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Endless possibilities

With my passion for details, you can be sure that we capture every single element
that differentiates your products from the others on the market.

Be it dark and mysterious, light and clean or playful and full of color,
we got you covered. 

My Services

Whether you are looking for stunning visual content or in need of product design; weather you are an established company or a start-up; and no matter how simple or complex your project is; I make it shine.


Product Visualization

Whether for marketing purposes, material evaluation or presentations, our expertise in product visualization will help your product transcend both screen and paper.


Automotive Visualization

Car, bikes, planes or boats, let our imagery transport your audience and carry your brand forward.

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